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CGI Support

CGI Scripts can be very handy for form processing, counters, on-line commerce, and much more. Though we do have some pre-installed CGI scripts for customers use (See Count.cgi and, you may want to use your own CGI scripts. Instructions follow.

First, you will need to have an FTP client handy, likely the one that you used to upload your HTML files. For more information on this, visit out FTP Support page.

You will need to FTP into the server (either or, depending on your account plan) and upload the files into your public_html/cgi-bin directory. If you do not have a cgi-bin directory, you can use the "mkdir" command to make one - most FTP clients will have a button to do this.

After uploading your files, you'll need to set permissions on them. You can do this through FTP or telnet with the "chmod" command. Some FTP clients also give you this functionality (for example, in WS_FTP you can right-click a file and pick "chmod"), while others might require you to type the command in - you will need to set the permissions to "755", which is rwxr-xr-x (read/write/execute for user, read/execute for group and others. So "chmod 755 filename" if you're using a command-line FTP client.)

After that, you're done! You should be able to call your cgi scripts by using

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