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Counter Setup Page

A web page counter will keep track of how many visits your web page has gotten. Just so you know, the counter will not increase if a person visits your page twice in a row from the same location. This prevents people from being able to keep reloading your page and increasing the counter, which in turn creates a more accurate count.

For example, if you visit your page, and then hit reload, it will only count as 1 hit. However, if you visit your page, then someone else does, and THEN you hit reload, it counts as 3 hits (you, them, then you again.)

To insert a counter on your web site, add this line to your page:

<img src="/cgi-system/Count.cgi?df=USERNAME.dat" ALT="Counter">

(Be sure to replace USERNAME with your username)

That line will create a counter that looks similar to the one on this page.

To learn how to customize your counter, please see the following links:

Just make sure to put "df=USERNAME.dat" in there somewhere!


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