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News and Announcements

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Enhanced PayPal Payments

We now accept PayPal credit card payments even if you don't have a PayPal account.

Enhanced Process Management

Tired of having to login to restart a crashed MUD or talker? Dune Internet will now monitor your MUD or talker, and restart it when it goes down! Login to the customer area to signup for this free time-saving and convenient service.

Customer Area Enhanced

We're pleased to announce that the customer area has been further enhanced. Customers can now manage their disk space usage as well as their resources through the customer area. Proceed to the customer area to check it out!

Password Change Form

An automated password change form has been added for customers who have lost or misplaced their passwords. Simply answer a verification question, and a new password will be mailed to your e-mail address on file.

Be sure to keep your e-mail addresses current, through the customer area.

Dune Donate Program announced

Dune Internet has started a new program to allow your website, talker, or mud users to donate to the upkeep of your website, talker, or mud. For more information, please read our donations information for owners, or to donate, please check out the donation form.

Dune Affiliates Program announced

Dune Internet now offers an affiliate program to current customers to provide commission by referring new customers. More details can be found in the secure customer area.

New 'quick install' system

Dune Internet is very pleased to announce the launch of the pilot of our 'quick install' system.

This system will automate installation of talker and mud basecodes with one simple command. It will also install scripts to fascilitate the startup and shutdown of the talker or mud.

Please feel free contact us if you have any questions, problems, or concerns.

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