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donations -- getting a little help from your users

We at understand how it is to run a mud or a talker, each having done so for many years. You put in many hours of hard work each and every day to make your talker or mud a better place for your users.

And users see and appreciate this work, and want to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Now there is!

we'll handle all the complications for you

By using the donation form, your users will be able to make a contribution to the cost of running your mud or talker -- reducing the amount of money you need to pay!

Users can simply fill out the donation form using PayPal to donate an amount to your account. Every dollar they donate goes directly into paying for your hosting costs.

Your users feel secure in that they know where the money is going. You need not worry about collecting the money yourself. You'll even get notified via e-mail with every donation, with the name of the user and the amount they donated, so you can personally thank them.

customized link

You can give users a customized link to the following donations webpage:<your account name here>

with this link, all the users will have to do is click on the "PayPal Donate" button at the bottom of the screen. Put it on your webpage or in your motd today!

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