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Troubleshooting - Some common compilation problems

  1. If you get errors about "Crypt", add this to your compilation line (or to your Makefile):
    Example: gcc -lcrypt file.c

  2. If you get errors about "Previous declaration of sys_errlist", you'll need to edit the file that is complaining (usually a .h file) and comment out the sys_errlist declaration. For example, with nuts333, you'll need to edit the "nuts333.h" file and comment out the line that says:
    extern char *sys_errlist[];
    You can comment it out by adding /* to the beginning and */ to the end:
    /* extern char *sys_errlist[]; */

  3. By default, programs are compiled with glibc (libc6). Certain codes aren't completely compatible with these libraries, so a version of libc5 is also installed on this system. If you are having trouble getting code compiled, try using "gcc5" instead of "gcc" for your compiler - this will compile it with libc5. If you have a Makefile, you can usually change the compiler in it, generally contained in the "CC" variable. (Note - tips #1 and #2 are glibc specific - if you have already tried those, make sure to undo the changes before trying to compile with gcc5)

    If you have found any problems with common muds or talkers, and either need help or have found a solution - please e-mail with your problem/solution.

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