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About Dune Internet

getting you where you want to go

Dune Internet provides premium linux-based web, talker, and mud hosting services at reasonable rates. With our wide variety of plans, you can be sure that our reliable hosting services will fit your needs perfectly.

Whether you are setting up an e-commerce site, starting up a place for you and your friends to have fun, or just want to get your name and ideas known across the world, Dune Internet can help you get there.

Dune Internet is your Internet Service Provider -- providing you the service required to get you where you want to go.

Investigate our Web Hosting, Talker Hosting, or MUD Hosting plans and find the reliable, affordable, hosting solution that is right for you. Or contact us at any time -- we're here to help you!

about the company

Since its creation in 1998, Dune Internet has been providing internet services: hosting both personal and corporate webpages; hosting talkers and other real time chats; hosting muds, moos, mushes, and other online games.

Dune Internet is based in Boulder, Colorado. Employing highly dedicated staff with years of real experience with building webpages, running talkers, and developing muds, you can be sure that Dune Internet staff will be able to give you a hand with anything that arises. Feel secure that you are in the hands of an industry leader.

Whether you are looking to host a complex e-store with shopping carts and secure credit card processing or just want to express your creativity through developing a talker or mud, we can help you. Just contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

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