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Basic UNIX Commands

pine: A popular text-based e-mail client.
tin: A usenet (newsgroups) news reader.
telnet: You can use telnet to connect to other computers on the internet.
ssh: Secure Shell. This is recommended instead of telnet whenever possible.
ftp: Use this to transfer files from other internet sites to this machine.
who: Shows a list of users currently logged on. Also try "w".
finger: Find out more information about a certain user (local or remote).
lynx: This is a text-only web browser.
irc: Internet Relay Chat is a nice chat program for mulitple users.
ytalk: Use this to talk to other users online and on the internet.
sz: Download files to your computer using the ZMODEM protocol. (rz to upload)
ls: This command will list the files in the current directory.
rm: To remove a file, type rm <file>.
cp: To copy a file to another place or filename, type cp <source> <dest>.
mv: To move or rename a file, type mv <source> <destination>.
pico: A very simple text editor.
passwd: Use this command to change your password.
man: To display a manual of any command on the system, type man <command>.
logout: To logout of the shell, type logout.
mesg: "mesg y" or "mesg n" toggles your availability for talk sessions

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